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The MR Focus program was developed to support you as an eye care professional in delivering the ultimate vision care experience to help you grow your practice and focus on what really matters the most.

Our dedication to support you as an  independent eye care professional is not just our main goal, but our passion. With the MR Focus Digital RX program, you can only expect us to help you grow and succeed, providing you with the best and most affordable lenses and pricing worldwide.


We believe that you should decide what is best for your practice, when working with MR Lenses we do not obligate you to work just with us, of course we would love too, but we also truly understand the nature of the busines, Enjoy your freedom.


We offer a wide range of progressive, single vision, office, Anti-Fatigue, Transitions, Polarized & Sun Solutions, in all indexes from 1.50 to 1,74 covering all material types including plastic, polycarbonate & Trivex.

Real Competitive Pricing

Being an international & Global lens supplier of quality ophthalmic lenses, we have created a very competitive pricing sheet to be able to serve you, no matter where you are from in the world, we got you covered.

Every patient who walks through your door presents a lens opportunity – To help you enhance your lens sales, we offer a wide selection of digital surfaced lenses to make sure they meet the needs of your patients.
Our Lens range is addressing the mass market where there is a good balance of value and volume. Our lenses are manufactured with the latest industrial technologies with 5 automatic production lines, providing us a capacity of more than 7,000 lenses per day.

A wide range of free-form progressive lenses with the latest design made to everyone is needs and lifestyle.

From our Entry Level Optima & Optima Plus designs to our Mid-Entry Optima HD to our highest 4K designs such as the UltraLite and Optima Dual Digital, we have them all.


Enjoy our superior Digital Single Vision surfaced lenses portfolio. We produce all materials from 1.50 to 1.74 including Transitions, Polarized & Sun Solutions, Anti-Fatigue and RelaX Lenses.

All 1.5 index lenses are manufactured from true CR39, and not acrylic like some cheaper lenses available on the market. Our High index lenses are MR™ series which mean they have great strength and ideal for rimless, plus they also include full UV Block.


MR Lenses stock range portfolio serves as your warehouse and you can save time and money when we consolidate your stock orders with your Digital Rx orders.

Extensive range of single vision stock lenses includes a full range of plastic, Transitions, Hi-Index, Polycarbonate and more. With wide variety of AR coatings, Hard-Coat, Blu-Blockers and more.


We offer a range of bifocal lenses across a selection of lens materials. With the combination of two different prescriptions in one lens for both distance and reading.


LIGHT INTELLIGENT LENSES Automatically adapting to changing light, Transitions® lenses darken when outdoors and return to clear when indoors.

All Transitions lenses block 100% of UV light and help protect against harmful blue light from digital devices, screens and especially the sun. We offer 3 types of Transitions lenses: Transitions Signature®, Transitions XTRActive® and Transitions Drivewear®


Whenever you need a conventional Single Vision job done, or a conventional Progressive lens job done, you should know we have it all.

We offer and present a wide progressive and single vision product range of all indexes from 1.50 to 1,74 for your conventional RX lens orders covering all material types including plastic, polycarbonate & Trivex.


Attention to detail and customer needs are our priority. We are here for you and because of you.
The quality of service provided, along with our fast and flexible approach, keeps us at the top of our game.


Marketing Support

While we support all of MR Lenses customers with our own marketing POS and materials, we can also create your personalized plan for your own individual brand with the tools you need. Including catalogues, brochures, videos, stands and other promotional materials.


Logistic Solutions

We offer all of MR Lenses customers our complete logistics solutions and services worldwide. Our customers can take the full advantage of our special currier prices, special logistics solutions for bulk ordering from the Far-East, UPS express saver solution to ensure 2 days delivery in Europe and in North America.


Product Packaging

At MR Lenses you have the total Freedom and possibilities of enjoying the MR Lenses brands packaging or to ask for your crafted packaging with your own brands for bulk finished stock lenses and for our digital RX Lenses. For our high-volume customers, we can also provide full customized lens warranty cards.



Every lens supplied by MR Lenses undergoes a rigorous quality control process before it leaves our factory. No one is perfect, and we surly always aim for perfection so when something does happen, be sure for extra peace of mind we also provide a full 2-year guarantee on all our lenses and coatings. A patient guarantee card is also issued with all qualifying digital RX lenses orders.



MR Lenses is here to support you every single day. If you have a question or feedback, please know that an MR Lenses representative is only a phone call/WhatsApp message or email away. Our team of experts are here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services & to offer recommendations when and where you need it.
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We offer an easy registration process, a reliable and user-friendly software that will allow you to order your lenses at anytime from anywhere.

Our production guarantees fast turnaround times, with no quality compromise. Digital Rx Lenses orders are dispatched within 2 days or less for most lens materials and most lens coatings. Stock lenses orders are dispatched the same day or next day.

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MR Lenses offers worldwide international shipping with DHL Express / UPS express saver which gives you the lowest possible shipping rates with no brokerage fees.
We will also work with your preferred carrier to ship anywhere in the world, you have the outmost flexibility and the power of Freedom.
Fast, Reliable Processing,
From A Trusted Supplier

Each lens that is produced in our laboratory is prepared digitally and individually. Therefore, you can be sure that the lenses produced will perfectly meet your needs and expectations.


Get fast and esy access to precision processing services from an existing, trusted supplier.

Quality Products

High Quality precision and service, delivered.

The Latest Technology

Access the latest processing technology and vision ease products.

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